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Tower of Babel

Question : Is there an alternative way to install the additional language pack? I need to view simplified Chinese characters especially when surfing cari.com. I have already tried installing the language pack from the Regional and Language options. It does not work at all. When it prompts for the Windows XP CD and after inserting the disc, the screen will flicker once and then the dialog box will just disappear. Even after a reboot, the language pack is still not installed.

Answer : The only alternative way we can figure out is to source for a localized version of Windows XP. A customized Windows XP should work too but this will require in-depth knowledge of how to manipulate the files. It is weird why Windows failed to install the language pack at all. Perhaps the installation disc is badly scratched? Or maybe it is due to the optical drive. There are third party solutions which can recognize Chinese characters. Try NJ Star Communicator. It is available at http://www.njstar.com


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Tower of Babel

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