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Teaching a Lesson to Spam Filters

Question : How can I stop my computer's spam filter from sending mail that I want to the Junk folder?

Answer : Spam filters work by analyzing incoming messages for certain characteristics common in unsolicited bulk e-mail, like multiple addressees or certain words in the message's subject line, and then diverting suspect messages into a special Junk or Spam folder. Some spam-catching software can be a little overzealous at first, though, and put mail from people you'd actually like to hear from into your Junk folder.

Whether you have a separate anti-spam program or e-mail software that can filter junk mail, you should be able to adjust the program to allow messages you actually want into your in-box. Most spam filters let you adjust their overall settings in the program's preferences to be more or less vigilant when screening your mail, although it may take some tinkering to get accurate filtering.

In most programs, you can also tag messages to be junk or not junk. This teaches the program to let mail from certain addresses through while showing it the kinds of messages you consider to be spam. If you don't see a Junk button on your mail program's toolbar to click when you have spam in your in-box, try right-clicking on the message and looking for an option to tag the messages as spam.

If you find messages from friends that have landed in your Junk folder, select them, right-click and look for a menu option like "This is not spam" to tell the program not to block messages from that sender.


Teaching a Lesson to Spam filters

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