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Outlook 2003 antispam filter

Question : I use Outlook 2003's antispam filter. At first if was filtering out most of the spam I received. Now, though, it's letting a lot through. Is Microsoft slipping?

Answer : Outlook 2003 relies upon antispam filters that are updated periodically - much in the same way that antivirus signatures are updated to keep pace with new threats.

Chances are good that you've not updated the Outlook 2003 anti-spam filter lately. Microsoft tends to update the filter every quarter or so, but unless you initiate an update procedure, you may not even know a newer version exists.

Open Outlook, click the Help menu, and select Check for Updates. Be sure you're connected to the Internet. Your default browser will launch and take you to the Microsoft Update site. There, look for Office 2003 updates, and you should see the latest Outlook 2003 junk e-mail filter. Follow the directions for downloading and installing it.


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Outlook 2003 antispam filter

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