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More than one antispam in use ?

Question : Is it okay to use more than one antispam program at a time?

Answer : Generally, yes. For instance, you might be running Outlook 2003, which comes with a spam filter built-in, and in addition employ an anti-spam solution such as Cloudmark Desktop (www.cloudmark.com).

Keep in mind that most antispam solutions that download all of your e-mail first and then sort out the spam actually route the spam into a special folder that's created for the purpose of holding the junk mail. Outlook 2003 calls this folder junk E-mail. Cloudmark calls it Spam. Others may have yet a different name.

When you first start using a new antispam product, you should check the folder into which suspected funk mail is routed to be sure the program is not flagging mail that you want as junk. So if you use two antispam programs, you will be checking two different spam folders, at least for a while.


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More than one antispam in use ?

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