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Anti-virus on Windows 95

Question : None of the major anti-virus vendors seem to make software that works with Windows 95, which I still use. Are there any antivirus options that would work for my computer?

Answer : Windows 95, which celebrated its 10th birthday this year, was officially retired by Microsoft several years ago when the company discontinued support for the product. Many software companies have also stopped making their programs compatible with Windows 95, instead certifying their products for Windows 98 and later versions.

Even though many larger security-software companies no longer include Windows 95 compatibility in their antivirus offers, a number of smaller companies do. For example, AVG Anti-Virus from Grisoft is available in both a free version (free.grisoft.com/freeweb.php/doc/2) and a professional edition with more features for $39; both work with Windows 95.

Solo Antivirus from SRN Micro Systems ($25 at www.srnmicro.com) works with Windows 95, as does Quick Heal Anti-Virus 2006 from Cat Computer Services ($30 at www.quickheal.co.in). Free trial versions of both are available. Other programs for Windows 95 are listed at the Windows Marketplace site (www.windowsmarketplace.com).


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