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Computer slower after virus scan

Question : I had a virus attack recently while surfing the Internet. So I disconnected my Internet and ran an anti-virus and anti-spyware program. It detected a few tracking cookies and adware so I got rid of them.

But the weird thing is, my computer seems to be slower than before. So I opened up Task Manager and realised that the CPU Usage was constantly at 90% and above even when I don't have any programs running. What is the reason behind this? Can you help me?

Answer : Unfortunately, anti-virus and spyware removal programs don't always work flawlessly. We've come across cases where cleverly designed malware can actually disable these security solutions. If your CPU is constantly at 90% utilization, something fishy is going on. So, rather than trust your anti-virus and spyware remover, we'd recommend you seek a second opinion. You can try an online scanner like the ones offered by Panda Software (www.pandasoftware.com), Trend Micro (www.trendmicro.com) or BitDefender (www.bitdefender.com).


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Computer slower after virus scan



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