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Adjust for better performance

Question : I'm running Windows XP on an older computer. What's the easiest way to speed things up?

Answer : The easiest way is the use the built-in performance tuning features of Windows XP. By default, XP's graphical interface uses a lot of system resources and takes a significant toll on the performance of older PCs.

You can disable many unnecessary graphical elements such as shrinking windows, animation and the like- to recover some performance and make the operating system run as snappily as Windows 95 or Windows 2000.

To do so, open the Windows Control Panel, and then open the System applet. In the resulting System Properties dialogue box, click the Advanced tab, and then click Settings under the Performance section. The Performance Options dialogue box opens. From there, select the option button labelled 'Adjust for best performance.' Click OK, and then click OK again to exit the System Properties dialogue box.

Windows XP will revert to a look and feel that resembles that of Windows 2000, which had graphics that did not put such a strain on system resources.


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