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Adding user accounts in Windows XP

Question : How do you add an account to a Windows XP machine if you didn't do it during the initial set-up?

Answer : You can add an account to your Windows XP system by going to the Start Menu to Control Panels and clicking on User Accounts. You need to be logged on as the computer's Administrator (with the master account, probably the one you're already using if you set up the computer) to create the new account.

Windows XP offers two main types of personal computer accounts for home users: Administrator and Limited. The Administrator account has the most power and freedom, and allows you to do things like install new hardware and software, manage all the other user accounts and make changes that affect the whole system.

As you can guess from its name, the Limited account type has restricted abilities and may not be able to install certain programs, but the user can change the password, customize certain desktop settings and see files in the Shared Documents folder. There is also an account type called Standard for some Windows XP Professional systems, and most XP computers have a Guest account with limited powers that can be turned on for users who aren't around long enough to need a personalized account name and password.


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