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When DLL errors cause crashes

Question : I have been getting an error message that says "The Procedure entry point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL." What does it mean and how can I get rid of it ?

Answer : Within the Windows operating system, dynamic link library ( DLL ) files can contain code used by several different programs.

Problems can arise, however, if a DLL file is damaged or a particular program installs an incompatible version of a DLL file on your system.

If you are getting error messages, odds are there are multiple versions of the PSAPI.DLL file on your computer. According to Microsoft, you should have only one copy of this file on your PC and it should be in the Windows or Windows\System 32 folder.

Having other versions of the PSAPI.DLL file around can cause Internet Explorer 7 to crash when you start it up, as well as any other Windows programs that interact with Internet Explorer to browse sites, folders and documents

Microsoft suggests that you search your PC or check the program folder of the application that crashes for a PSAPI.DLL file. Don't do anything with the copy in your Windows or Windows\System 32 folder, but rename the extra copies from other programs to something like PSAPI.OLD so that they don't conflict with the file in your Windows system folder.


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